Free Parking

Free Parking

Register your PURE 100% electric vehicles (excludes hybrids) for FREE parking in Dundee City Council owned multi-storeys by filling out the form below.
Once you have received an email with confirmation that your vehicle has been added to the scheme you will be able to park for free in the following multi-storeys

-    Bell Street
-    Green Market
-    Olympia
-    Gellatly Street 

These multistory car parks use ANPR barrier system. When driving up to these car parks, the barrier should lift automatically. If it fails to do so, take a ticket to lift the barrier. You do not need to pay when exiting - just press the 'call/help' button at the barrier and explain the situation.

EVs are free to park on-street in the electric vehicle charging bays, however the car must be plugged in and charging. Time restrictions do apply so be mindful of other EV users and stick to these times. Once you move your vehicle to a different on-street space you will have to pay for a parking ticket unless you relocate to a Dundee City Council owned multistory where can park for free. 

Often next to the On-street chargers there is a car club vehicle and space beside it. Do not park in the 'Car Club' space. This is reserved for the co-wheels car only and any vehicle parked here will get a ticket. If you find the co-wheels car has been returned to the wrong space and you're needing charged, please call the parking enforcement team on 01382 432095. Sometimes if you call them before you park there, they will allow you to charge without being ticketed.

Charging hubs
Charging hubs can be used by any vehicle that has an ability to plug-in and charge. There are time restrictions in place to allow others a chance to charge. The charging hubs are not car parks so please only use the spaces to allow your vehicle to be charged. 
Please keep chargers accessible by removing your vehicle once its fully charged, sticking to the time limits, and make sure your vehicle isn't blocking anyone else from getting charged.                           

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