Why is Dundee perfect for Electric Vehicles?

Dundee is the perfect little city for Electric Vehicles and is regarded as Scotland’s leading city in the adoption, promotion and operation of electric vehicles. As the city is small and compact with a maximum drive of 20 minutes between points in the city, it makes the city especially well-suited to widespread EV use, with the drivable range of current vehicles sufficient for practically all journeys within the city.  The council recognises the potential for EVs to support efforts to reduce pollution from road traffic and improve the air quality for citizens. 

Dundee has the second highest population density in Scotland and many residents do not have dedicated off-street parking with 51% living in multiunit dwellings. Our charging hubs provide charging solutions for residents living in flats and tenements who are unable to obtain a dedicated charge point. Due to the number of EVs in the city, there is a high demand for public charging, with 9/10 of the highest-used charge points in Scotland located in Dundee. The locations of these charging hubs are no coincidence- all our hubs are close to local communities to support local businesses while providing facilities for the user of the charger. Clean alternative fuel in the heart of the community.

Along with providing Dundee with charging infrastructure, the council understood the requirement to provide regional infrastructure, especially given that 40,000 weekly journeys into Dundee start from outside the city. Working in partnership with surrounding local authorities, the council developed the concept of EV “charging gateways”, which links up the city’s charging infrastructure with our neighboring region. Dundee City Council has installed 28 x 50kw chargers and 32 x 22kw chargers in the surrounding region allowing for an EV charging network that is seamless and without boundaries.

Many other major UK cities have identified Air Quality as a significant challenge. Dundee has decided to tackle this issue across the city instead of focusing on the identified hot spots. Due to the significant introduction of electric vehicles in the city through the local authority fleet, the taxi industry, other public bodies, and members of the public, the air quality objectives for particles were met in full.

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