Who We Are

Who We Are

Drive Dundee Electric is a campaign aimed at the residents and businesses of Dundee. The campaign focuses on promoting and supporting the uptake of electric vehicles in the city. Drive Dundee Electric have a bank of knowledge, contacts and experience from adopting EVs within Dundee City Council and supplying local infrastructure. 

Drive Dundee Electric have hosted a number of unique events such as an EV Christmas parade and have hosted launch events at the cities EV charging hubs. Events such as a “Chat and Charge” event which saw the Dundee Council alongside local EV drivers and members of the public meet up at our EV hub to exchange knowledge and encourage the uptake of electric vehicles to the broader public.

We have recently teamed up with DC Thompson to start a local campaign to identify key concerns amongst readers when it comes to electric vehicles. Content focussed primarily on the cost savings associated with electric vehicles and the availability of local charging infrastructure. More articles are planned throughout 2020 so keep an eye out! 

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