Aimer Square was the first of three rapid charging hubs built in Dundee through the Go Ultra Low cities funding programme. The location of this first hub was based on commuter routes and followed on from a questionnaire sent to the city's taxi drivers asking for their opinions on where the hubs should be sited. In its first week of opening, the hub saw 100 different users visit the hub, and the chargers were used over 700 times.

There is a tribute to one of the pioneers of large-scale electric vehicle use in Dundee- a plaque was unveiled dedicated to local entrepreneur, David Young. Before his death, Davie was a prime mover in the city taxi industry’s shift away from vehicles with petrol and diesel engines. The hub consists of 8 x 50kW and 2 x 22Kw. The 50kW units can now take contactless payments. The hub can be found right next to Lochee High Street.

Fun Fact- After crunching the numbers eVolt announced that Aimer Square conducted more than 30,000 charging sessions in less than a year of opening! Could this be the busiest charging hub in the UK?

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