Go Ultra Low

Go Ultra Low

Dundee City Council was one of eight cities to receive funding from the Office of Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV). In 2016, OLEV named Dundee Scotland’s only Go Ultra Low City and started their two-year EV infrastructure project to provide the most comprehensive and innovative EV charging infrastructure. This new infrastructure sees the city build on the regional wide EV network that would ensure fleets and residents of the region had the confidence to make the switch to electric vehicles.

The Go Ultra Low City Scheme is a programme by the Office for Low Emission Vehicles within the Department for Transport. It aims to provide funding to local authorities in the UK that encourages thousands of people to consider switching to an electric car.

Have a look at what Dundee has built with the help of this OLEV funding!

- Princes Street

- Lochee

- Queen Street

- Clepington Road


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