Dundee City Council

Dundee City Council

Dundee City Council first launched 100% electric vehicles into its Fleet in 2011 with the introduction of the first 4 cars and chargers at one of its depot. Since the successful launch of the EV into the council’s fleet, it has grown to be one of the largest EV fleets of any Local Authority in the UK.

At the moment, Dundee City Council has 223 electric vehicles, which represents 30% of the whole council fleet. Since 2011, Dundee City Council has installed multiple charging infrastructure at council depots and offices to support its full-electric carpool scheme. In addition to this, charging infrastructure at construction, waste management and social work depots have been built to support individual staff.

More funding has been secured to add more chargers in different council depots across the city. The current Council Plan includes a top priority of “increasing ultra-low emission and electric vehicles” with a key target 20% by 2027, the plan includes developing projects to promote low-carbon fuels by installing the required infrastructure and increasing the number of vehicles, to help improve air quality and create demand for new renewable energy in the city.

The switch to electric vehicles has now seen the council travel over 5.6 million miles on pure electric making a significant impact on both the air quality in the city and the carbon impact of the council's transport, saving an estimated over 250,000 tons of CO2.

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