Clean Streets Project

Clean Streets Project

In Dundee, we pride ourselves on being Scotland’s leading city in the adoption, promotion and operation of electric vehicles.

We are excited to announce that Dundee City Council have been awarded funding as part of an Innovate UK project led by Urban Foresight and in partnership with Plymouth City Council.

Together we aim to design, build, install, educate and trial innovative pop-up chargers in the two cities. We are excited to share and learn from this trial of what could be the future of on-street charging solutions.

The £ 3 million project aims to trial innovative pop-up Electric Vehicle chargers that are built into the ground and only rise up when in use, providing a safe and discreet charging solution for EV drivers who don’t have access to off-street parking. The UEOne charge points are designed for convenient kerbside parking for use by residents, visitors and commuters. By encouraging the update of electric vehicles in our city, we aim to improve air quality and by using renewable energy, and reducing CO2 emissions. When not in use, the pop-up chargers integrate seamlessly into the ground. The UEOne Smart Phone App will enable EV users to charge their cars simply and conveniently while parked on the street. 

The first pop-up chargers were installed in September 2020 and the trial lasted up until March 2022, when all 26 chargers were in the ground. During this period, we learnt about this charging technology and gained more information on the user experience.

As the project progresses across the city, we will be updating this page.

For more information about our partners check out their websites-

Urban Foresight – https://urbanforesight.org/
Plymouth City Council – https://www.plymouth.gov.uk/cleanstreets
Urban Electric – https://www.urbanelectric.london/
DUKU- https://www.duku.co.uk/
Co-Wheels -   https://www.co-wheels.org.uk/
Appy Way - https://appyway.com/


Clepington Road

Dundee City Council recognises that it is essential that everyone can charge their vehicle easily and is now one step closer to realising that goal with the new rapid charging hub at Clepington Road, which was carefully designed with accessibility in mind and opened in April 2023. The two-year design process involved engaging with smart and sustainable cities consultancy, Urban Foresight, as well as drivers with a disability, charities, and manufacturers.

The charging hub on Clepington Road comprises five 50kW rapid chargers and a single 150kW ultra-rapid charger, which provide nine parking bays. On the site, drivers with disabilities will find solutions designed to accommodate their needs. Revisions were made to both the design of charge points and to the physical environment surrounding them.

Besides the accessibility element, the site also offers a rest stop with a drinking water station. This pioneering installation manufactured by Bluewater provides free and purified drinking water for all users. It incorporates a fully integrated rainwater harvesting system to collect rainwater from the solar canopy at the hub and store it in a 5000-litre underground storage tank. The collected rainwater undergoes a range of advanced purification technologies before it is dispensed.

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