On Street Charging Posts

On Street Charging Posts

Dundee City Council have also installed on-street charging infrastructure within the city. This enables public EV charging in the heart of the city as well as providing charging infrastructure for the city’s car club who provide the public and gives local businesses access for their fleet of electric cars and vans.

  - South Tay Street
  - Dock Street
  - Perth Road
  - Trades Lane

Access to Council run on-street electric charging bays will be free of charge to all plug-in electric vehicles. No registration is required for this. 

N.B. Charging bays marked for car club vehicles only are not available to non-car club vehicles. The following conditions apply:

       • When parked in charging bays the vehicle must be plugged in at all times. Charging bays
          should only be used when recharging is required.
       • Fast charging bays will have a maximum stay of 3 hours and no return within 4 hours.

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