Flower and Food Festival

12 October, 2017 | Dundee Electric
Flower and Food Festival

The Flower and Food Festival is a yearly event held at Camperdown Park, Dundee. Attracting over 20, 000 visitors, it showcases the best in food, horticulture and entertainment.

It’s strong ties with the environment make it an ideal event to showcase electric vehicles (and other low carbon projects the council are involved in).

Dundee City Council have been present at the Flower and Food Festival previously promoting electric vehicles but this is the first year we have been able to present with our new campaign!

A Tesla Model S, an e-NV 200 and a Kia Soul EV were on display to highlight the wide range of electric vehicles on the market.

Along with the vehicles there was a stall with freebies, leaflets, charging cables and an information board highlighting all recent news articles, milestones and hub information.

The event was very successful and allowed members of the public to learn about the changes in the city and an opportunity for us to give answers to questions.

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