Electric HGVs have joined the Fleet

22 January, 2021 | Dundee Electric
Electric HGVs have joined the Fleet

Dundee City Council have been working hard to introduce EVs into its fleet and into the city. As a council we have the most electric vehicles of any local authoirty in the UK and the swap to EVs has seen the council travel over 5.6 million miles on pure electric.

In 2020, the council invested in electric HGVs and are now the proud owners of 2 x Mellor minibuses, a Johnston street sweeper and 2 x Dennis Eage RCVs.The total amount of CO2 saved with the introduction of these 5 HGVS? 60500g per year! Dundee don't plan on stopping anytime soon as we have another 4 Dennis Eagle RCVs on order to add to the fleet in 2021.  

For more insight into our project, take a look at our most recent article with DC Thompson-

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