Fully Charged OUTSIDE 2021 - Update

06 September, 2021 | Dundee Electric
Fully Charged OUTSIDE 2021 - Update

Our team has just returned from the Fully Charged OUTSIDE event which took place over three days at Farnborough International. As the only local council to be invited down, we had the opportunity to showcase all the exciting projects going on in Dundee and share our EV journey so far. Our stand was busy with conversation leading to both networking and learning opportunites and even a shoutout from Robert Llewellyn himself! 

This year we decided to communicate our progress and future projects through both video footage and paperless information points. Our decision to go paperless was an effort to lower our environmental impact, utilising a QR code as a digital portal for further information. The official stats from our code revealed that 96 users, spanning 4 countries and 6 cities reviewed our EV timeline, flyer and press releases. Alongside this, we handed out eco-friendly merchandise including jute bags, bamboo pens and biodegradable coffee cups in an attempt to widen our reach with the planet in mind. 

Our Fleet Manager Fraser Crichton was also asked to join a panel of speakers discussing the issue of electrifying streets, sparking the interest of many fellow local authorities and their constituents from across the country. The event as a whole has helped us promote Drive Dundee Electric and kept us informed of how the wider EV community and technologies are expanding. We were so pleased to have received such positive responses and feedback to our work so far and hope to return to future Fully Charged events. 

Biodegradable Coffee Cups

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