Dundee EV status and plans for 2023

27 January, 2023 | Dundee Electric

Dundee Council marks EV infrastructure success in 2022 with the opening of a record number of charge points and plans for a new charging hub in early 2023. 



For the past decade Dundee City Council has established itself as the UK’s leading EV city. The introduction of a comprehensive EV infrastructure, alongside other sustainable energy projects, means that Dundee now sits head and shoulders above the rest of the UK in terms of EV charging capacity. 


2022 has seen further growth of the city’s EV infrastructure, not least the introduction of a third multi-storey charging hub, and with plans for further expansion in 2023 Dundee is maintaining the target of 27% of all vehicles in the city being fully electric by 2027.


Key EV success in 2022

  • A third multi-storey charging hub opened at the beginning of 2022, located in Gellatly Street. It provides 20 bays with 10 22kW chargers, powered by 110kw of solar array powered by the solar panels covering the roof 
  • 10 new charge points were introduced in 2022, bringing the total number of charge points across the city to 214
  • All Dundee’s rapid chargers now contain contactless features to help make the charging process even more efficient 
  • Across the year, Dundee’s EV charging infrastructure has facilitated the charging of an average of 239 cars per day



Expansions to Dundee’s EV infrastructure in 2023


Clepington Road charging hub
One of the biggest developments in 2023 will be the unveiling of a fourth public charging hub at Dundee’s Clepington Road location. There are plans to make this one of the city’s most advanced EV charging hubs yet, with elements such as rainwater harvesting and second life energy storage solutions helping to further decarbonise EV charging in Dundee. Plans for this site are to be unveiled in Spring 2023.

All-electric fleet cars and vans by the end of 2023 subject to delivery supply chain

Dundee is aiming for all cars and small and medium vans in its council fleet to be entirely electric by the end of 2023. In the ten years since the council released its first 4 electric cars, 24% of the Dundee fleet are now electric vehicles. With this in mind, the council is aiming to make these vehicle types 100% electric by the end of next year. There are also plans to make all larger council vehicles to be fully electric by 2036.



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