Charging Ahead: How Dundee is Leading the Way in EV Accessibility

02 May, 2023 | Dundee Electric

In addition to incorporating ‘industry first’ EV technology, our new Clepington Road charging hub has been designed to be as accessible as possible for disabled and non-disabled drivers to help make the EV future a reality for everyone.


Our new public charging hub includes charge points specifically designed to improve the experience of disabled and non-disabled drivers. By following the government’s new BSI PAS 1899:2022 standard, Dundee will seek to make its EV charging points as accessible as possible. 


Inclusivity has been a key concern when installing the new Clepington Road Charging hub which has been designed to offer accessible charging for disabled motorists to help make the EV future a reality for everyone. There are no kerbs, allowing ease of access for wheelchair users, and the charge points feature assisted charging cables to make it easier to put EVs on charge. There are also blocks in bays to ensure space is left in front of vehicles for easy access to chargers.


Anticipating and overcoming restrictions and barriers

The city has made an effort to ensure that the charging infrastructure is inclusive and convenient for everyone, including those with disabilities. We have made sure that the designated parking bays for disabled drivers are wide enough to accommodate wheelchair users. 


In addition to this, our charging points have been fitted with features that offer easier accessibility for disabled drivers. For example, specific charging points have been designed with a height-adjustable cable, for those who require help with reaching chargers.     


We have also added user-friendly interfaces that are easy to operate throughout touchscreens. 


Furthermore, the charging hubs across Dundee are located in areas that are easily accessible, such as in car parks or on-street locations that have level access, no steps or steep inclines. This allows for unobstructed routes from the car to the charger.



Promoting sustainable mobility and working towards greater inclusivity


Dundee is leading the way in creating a more accessible and sustainable future in several ways. For example, they have implemented accessibility in their general EV infrastructure:


  1. Public transport network: many electricity or hybrid run buses have been designed to be more accessible, with low floors, wheelchair ramps and designated spaces. 
  2. Incentives: we offers various incentives, including free parking at the hubs, grants and tax credits to help with purchase or conversion of an EV 
  3. Partnerships: we have worked with various partners, for example the Energy Saving Trust to provide advice and support for people with a disability looking to switch to electric mobility


How levelling-up programme will continue Dundee’s legacy of accessibility
Thanks to the government's levelling-up project, a Major UK investment of £14,400,000 will allow us to create a multi-modal transport hub in Bell Street car park located near Dundee city centre while spreading different opportunities into overlooked areas. This new addition to Dundee will further include accessible charging stations allocating 50 vehicles and special parking locations for club vehicles.


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