Electric Vehicle Charging Tariff Update – Commencing 1st of November, 2023

23 October, 2023 | Dundee Electric

From the 1st of November 2023, changes will be made to the charging tariffs for electric vehicles across Dundee to ensure the network remains accessible and financially sustainable.

To balance availability between fast, rapid and ultra-rapid chargers, and to accommodate the higher cost of providing rapid/ultra-rapid chargers, different rates will be in place. Connection charges will remain unchanged.

The Dundee Residents Discount Scheme will no longer be in place.

The tariff rates from 1 November 2023 will be as follows;

  • Fast chargers (up to 22kW) = 40p per kWh  
  • Rapid chargers (43kW AC or 50kW DC) = 45p per kWh 
  • Ultra Rapid Chargers (50kW to 150kW) = 50p per kWh
  • The Dundee residents discount scheme will no longer be in place.  

The 38p connection fee will remain the same on all charging sessions.

A reminder that the £10 overstay penalty charge will still apply when charge times surpass 70 minutes on rapid chargers, or 190 minutes on fast chargers. This overstay charge will not apply in the multi-storey car parks.

Stickers will be clearly visible on the charge-points across the city stating details of the tariffs applied in order to keep drivers informed.

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