New On-street Chargers Are Now Live!

04 April, 2024 | Dundee Electric

Product Overview 

Following a successful 18-month-long trial period of 22 pop-up chargers installed in Dundee by Urban Electric back in 2020, Dundee decided to embrace this innovation and include it in their on-street EV charging strategy. The most recent stage of EV charger deployment in Dundee City Council saw 18 x 7kW chargers being installed at nine different sites across the city. Under the name of Urban Fox, the supplier delivered infrastructure in the heart of local communities, providing residential streets with a newer edition of these pop-up chargers to future-proof local areas.  

Dundee is now home to innovative pop-up chargers which blend seamlessly into the landscape. Urban Fox’s UEone 7kW on-street charge point is the first of its kind on the market. These innovative dual-socket UEone charge points are the perfect solution for residents without access to a driveway. As these units are installed into the pavement, it allows them to extend from the ground up to hip height for easy access. After use, the charger will automatically retract itself back underground. They remain flush with the ground to eliminate the risk of vandalism as well as minimise street clutter and pavement obstruction to improve accessibility. The collaborative work between Dundee City Council and Urban Fox was built on mutual understanding of one another’s objectives and shared trust,and resulted in a great improvement to Dundee’s streetscape enhancing the public realm.  


How does it work? 

With the Urban Fox app available on Apple and Google devices, you’ll see all chargers available for use as well as charge points nearest to your locations on your home tab. Charger availability is marked by different coloured pins - green for available and red for unavailable. By tapping on a pin, you can see more details about the charge point, e.g. number of sockets available, price per kWh and any additional charges. Once you tap on your chosen location, you can activate the charger by pressing ‘Get started’. The app will then ask you to sign in or use as a guest, after which the charger will rise from the ground for easy one-handed insertion of the charging cable. The Urban Fox app will securely store your login and payment details for future use.  

When your vehicle is connected to a charger, the current session will show on top of the map screen. Press this to view details of the current session including your total time elapsed, total energy used and estimated cost for your session so there’s no surprise there! Your charging session will continue until you unplug your cable from the charge point, you cancel or end the session in the Urban Fox app, or your car is fully charged. At the end of the charging session, you will be emailed a summary of your session and total cost. 

Not available? No problem! The app can notify you when the chosen charge point is available. Simply tap the bell icon to be notified.  

For a step-by-step user guide, please visit https://urbanfox.network/blog/how-to-charge-you-electric-vehicle/ 

To download the Urban Fox app, please scan the QR code at the bottom of this page or visit: 

https://apps.apple.com/us/app/urban-fox/id6468819158 (for Apple devices) https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.urbanfox.app&pli=1 (for Google devices). 


The pilot revealed that the UEone charge point is suitable for installation in up to 80% of streets. It was important for Dundee City Council that this round of on-street chargers was installed on residential streets, especially areas dominated by flats without access to a driveway.  

2024 has seen Dundee deploy 18 x 7kW chargers across the following sites: 

  • Roseangle Carpark  

  • Findale Street 

  • Haywood Place 

  • Waterfront  

  • Yarrow Terrace 

  • Dock Street 

  • Woodside Avenue 

  • Graham Street 

  • South Victoria Dock Road 



Please note that unlike trial chargers, these permanent chargers require payment to operate. The current tariff applied to the Urban Fox chargers is 45p per kWh along with a 38p connection fee. No overstay fee will apply to sessions to allow for longer charging, especially overnight. 



The best way to keep up to date with updates is to check the Urban Fox app (to download, please scan QR code below) or the Urban Fox website - https://urbanfox.network/

If you experience any issues or faults, please get in contact with the 24/7 Urban Fox support line on 0808 175 3965 or email support@urbanfox.network


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