Green Fleet Dundee in The Courier

12 October, 2017 | Dundee Electric

Dundee city was host to Green Fleet at the Caird Hall in August 2017.

Representatives from Transport Scotland, Evolt, e-bikes, Dundee City Council and many more were present to showcase the new technology. A range of vehicles were available to test drive from Nissan, BMW, Kia and Tesla!

Sessions included round table discussions to give everyone an opportunity to put forward and share their views, queries, issues and get their questions answered.

Drive Dundee Electric took the opportunity to raise awareness of the existing charging network, policies and incentives in Dundee and future plans including the new rapid charging hubs.

The event was free to attend and welcomed a mix of taxi drivers, business owners, representatives from universities and other organisations and members of the public.

Check out The Couriers article and video on the event:

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